April 1-2, 2020 | Torino, ITALY


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Torino & Integrated Mobility

Italy is Europe’s 2nd largest manufacturer and in the last 30 years has always ranked in the World’s Top 10 Manufacturers. Piemonte has strongly contributed to this success, demonstrating to be one of the manufacturing engines of Europe. It produces about 8% of Italy's national wealth, and its production system has reached high levels of excellence and tertiary sector expansion. Piemonte is a promising and competitive area to make business with.

Over 1,000 companies have already chosen to locate in Piemonte, employing about 110,000 people.

Piemonte Region - Key Figures

  • Export: € 47.9 bn (11.1% of the national total)
  • Piemonte ranks 4th in Italy for export quota
  • GDP: € 127 bn (7.8% of the national total)
  • Employment: 1.8 mln people (8% of the national total)
  • Companies: 438,966 (7.2% of the national total)
  • € 1 bn to boost regional competitiveness

Recent data confirm that Piemonte is the leading Italian region in R&D.

Some Key Players

  • ANAS
  • AVL
  • Bosch
  • Brembo
  • Car2Go
  • CNH Industrial
  • Denso
  • ENEL
  • Euro NCAP
  • FCA
  • FEV
  • GM Global Propulsion Systems
  • ITT
  • MAAS Global
  • Mobileye - INTEL
  • Nissan
  • Nvidia
  • Objective
  • Pirelli
  • Porsche Consulting
  • SKF
  • Telecom Italia
  • TEXA
  • ZF -TRW Automotive
  • 5T

Piemonte is Automotive

Italy is the fourth largest European automotive market after Germany, the UK and France.

The Italian automotive industry is primarily concentrated in Torino e in Piemonte: around 50% of the 2,6000 companies (with 170,000 employees) active in Italy, are in fact established here.

In Piemonte are located the key actors of the automotive world: major OEMs, SMEs and supply chain, R&D centres and engineering academy.

Piemonte is the first region in Italy in terms of presence of automotive components companies*.

  • 36% of Italian automotive components industry is in Piemonte
  • 55% of Italian automotive E&D companies is in Piemonte
  • 82% of companies export abroad
  • 68% of companies invest in R&D

(*source: 2017 Observatory on the Italian automotive components sector, by Anfia, Torino Chamber of Commerce, Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia)

Innovation & Automotive

New Vehicle Architectures

Many famous style studios, design firms designers and innovative concept companies work in Torino and in Piemonte. The attention to new vehicle architectures conceived in Torino and Piemonte will impact the:

  • Concept design and advanced design
  • Product engineering

Fast forward innovation

R&D and innovation play an important role: 43.7% of the Torino-Piemonte automotive enterprises invest more than 2% in R&D (31% invest from 2 to 5, 7.7% from 6 to 10, 5% more than 10%) and are responsible for more than 50% of the European patents granted to inventors in Piemonte.

Innovation Hubs

Integrated e-mobility in Piemonte Region

Due to the presence of multiple Italian and International stake-holders, a complete and competitive supply chain, R&D centres, and an engineering academy, Piemonte is a leading cluster in the global automotive sector. These key players are working together to develop and refine innovative systems and production processes to improve transport efficiency.

Incredible digital transformations, driven by autonomous vehicles, new mobility models, connectivity and electrification, mean that automakers and suppliers are transforming their working practices and fundamentally changing their vehicle technologies.

Companies are increasingly developing disruptive technologies in the fields of connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility, sensor fusion, Internet of Things and big data systems. These advances are projecting the whole territory towards new challenges and new consumer markets.

Torino is the only Italian city that has been able to test autonomous vehicles on its public roads, not only in closed traffic areas. The tests will enable Level 3 (Hands-off, feet-off, eyes-off, brain-on), to start, with the aim of achieving Level 4 (brain-off) and Level 5 (not there at all) in the near future.


City of Turin: Lab for Autonomous and Connected Driving in an Urban Environment

It’s possible to find in Piemonte the necessary know-how for electric vehicle integration and all the solutions based on full electrical mobility, encompassing energy harvesting with both on-board and off-board photovoltaic generation.

Torino is the unique city in Italy that formally allowed to test autonomous vehicles on its public roads, not only in closed traffic areas. The tests will enable Level 3 (Hands-off, feet-off, eyes-off, brain-on), to start, with the purpose to achieve Level 4 (brain-off) and Level 5 (not there at all) in the near future.


On April 3rd 2018 was signed a memorandum whose goal is to create “Smart Road”, a project involving road infrastructures to test solutions for future mobility, specifically connected and autonomous driving; the City of Turin will give the companies, public institutions and universities signing the memorandum (FCA Group, GM Global Propulsion Systems, 5T, ANFIA, Politecnico di Torino, University of Turin, Telecom Italia, Torino Wireless Foundation, Open Fiber, Employers’ Association of Turin, Italdesign Giugiaro, FEV and Unipol) access to dedicated roads and telematics infrastructures, that already exist or that can be built on purpose.


  • Bluecar: a made-in-Piemonte success case
  • Charge While Driving Wireless Power Transfer
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