Rossella PANERO

5T – TTS ITALIA President TTS Italia
President TTS Italia

Rossella Panero was born in Turin and graduated in Physics at the University of Turin. She began her professional experience in the automotive sector with a particular interest towards innovation, contributing to the first R&D activities in the field of telematic technologies applied to transport (then Intelligent Transport Systems - ITS). She took part to the European project PROMETHEUS (Program for European Traffic with Higher Efficiency and Unprecedent Safety), a pioneer of all European projects in the ITS field and in the "5T" project of the City of Turin, one of the first European cities to apply ITS technologies for traffic and public transport control and monitoring services. In 2001 she closed her experience in the private sector and entered the world of Public Administration, first as Head of the R&D team at 5T and then as ICT manager for the Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT). Since 2010 she has been the director of 5T Srl, consolidating her managerial and administrative skills. In 2011 she was chosen, for her experience, expertise and the role played, as President of the association TTS Italia, the national ITS association that includes about 100 members including the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and many companies, both medium and large companies operating in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems.