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Director& Head of Technology Services Europe

Lee is the Director and Head of Technology Services and Intelligent Transport Systems for AECOM (Europe).

Lee has strength and depth in developing and delivering innovative technology based research, advisory, development and delivery projects in the transport sector, which lead to sustainable and improved network operations for the safe, efficient transport of goods, people and data. Lee is immersed in the next generation of technologies such as Connected Vehicle services planning, Automated Driving applications and impact and Digital Transport Network planning. He is currently advising clients on planning for major technology disruption and what this means to operations, traffic management and planning.

He is actively involved in UK/Europe industry ‘Connected and Autonomous vehicle’ working groups and industry seminars and has served as an expert on CAD panels at key UK conferences that draw together the business, regulatory, operational and technical facets in support of CAD deployments. He brings 25 years of technology experience from Transportation, Enterprise, Telecoms and Defence sectors.