philippe reuter



Philipp REUTER

Head of Mediterranean Region

Philipp is currently head of Frost & Sullivan business operations in the Mediterranean Region. Philipp successfully set up the Frost & Sullivan office in Italy in 2006, where he led from the front in developing and implementing new business opportunities with major Italian corporates like Fiat Group, Finmeccanica Holding, Pirelli, Enel, etc. In 2010 Philipp started operations in Turkey & Central Asia.

In 2016 expansion into Spain. He successfully engaged with clients on over 120 strategic consulting projects, covering long/medium/short business opportunity analysis, technology readiness analysis, new product and market entry/development strategies, voice of customer studies and partnership/acquisition analysis in Automotive, Mobility, ICT, Industrial Automation, Energy & Defence. Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, Philipp worked for the German Government and in an International Law Firm in Berlin where he was involved in International Relationship. Additionally, Philipp has gained experience as analyst in the Strategic Department of All-Russian Research Institute of the Cable Industry (VNIIKP-Institute), Moscow.

He is a speaker at Hitachi Social Innovation Forums, National Defence Assembly, GE Global Management Meetings and others.

Philipp lives in Milan, speaks 5 languages fluently, is married with four children.

German Solicitor, European Law

Specialisation in International and Anglo Saxon Law.