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Massimiano TELLINI

Global Head – Circular Economy

Education economist, professional investment banker, opportunity maker for conviction, Massimiano Tellini carries out his activity reporting directly to the Managing Director of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. Graduated in economics in Italy, he immediately started his international career in the Corporate & Investment Banking Division, first as analyst at the London office in the credit sector and then as a manager at the Hong Kong office in the Project Finance sector.

Completed an MBA in Asia, he then perfected his own training on the topics of innovation and strategic management, obtaining a Master's degree in the USA. As an innovator, he is committed to finding distinctive solutions to support businesses, territories and communities in the challenge for the affirmation of a sustainable competitiveness and capable of creating shared and lasting well-being. The commitment on the theme of the Circular Economy is aimed at creating value for the Group and the relevant stakeholders, stimulating a collective change in line with the challenges of the future that awaits us with a systemic vision and impact capacity. He is also author of "Rethink" (2013), a documentary about resilient development, business models and the impact of Climate Change: it's better to make the difference rather than just money.