Fabio Moioli





Country Manager

Fabio Moioli is the Country Manager of Microsoft Consulting & Services, where he supports Companies and Public Sector in their digital transformation journey and in leveraging the most innovative technologies available today. For doing this, Moioli drives a large team of technology experts and business innovation consultants, bringing to customers new business models based on artificial intelligence, cognitive services, cloud computing, ambient mobility, mixed reality, and IoT. In his role, he is often invited to give keynotes at industry and technology events, where he usually addresses opportunities and challenges raised by exponential technologies, including AI and quantum computing. Also, he is often quoted in international publications and he has been recently inserted among the Top worldwide Artificial Intelligence Influencers for 2018, Top 25 AI worldwide Influencers to follow, Top 10 WW Telecom Experts and Thought Leaders, as well as in many TopX lists for Industry 4.0, IoT, and Digital Transformation.

Before arriving in Microsoft, Moioli was a Vice President at Capgemini, where he led Telco & Media as well as Digital and Industry 4.0. Previously, he was an Associate at McKinsey, where he mainly worked on Business Transformations. Fabio professional career started in Ericsson as Project Manager for 16 different markets in three different continents. Moioli has an Engineering Degree in Information Technology from Milan and a Telecommunications Engineering degree from Stockholm.

He worked for several years in Scandinavia, North & Central Europe, Unites States and Canada. He loves spending his time with his two little daughters and he is passionate about learning and writing on AI and Mixed Reality, with more than 200K followers on Linkedin and Twitter