Gabriele Elia



Gabriele ELIA

Chief Technology Office

Gabriele ELIA is with the CTO division in TIM, where he leads the Standard, Technical Communication and IPR group.

Its interests are in the evolution of network and related technologies and architecture for fixed and mobile ultrabroadband networks, 5G, networks softwarization, artificial intelligence in network development.
In its carrier he managed open innovation initiatives in Telecom Italia and TIM group such as joint collaborations with universities and startup acceleration and the TIM Future Center.
In previous years, He has been involved in research and development of IPTV, DVB-H, DTT/MHP and mobile and music services of Telecom Italia.
Gabriele took its Master and PhD in Electronical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and joined CSELT, former Telecom Italia Group R&D division in 1994; there he has been involved in major IP services iniziatives of Telecom Italia such as Interbusiness, Telecom Online, TIN.IT and the launch of broadband services over ADSL.