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Gianfranco Burzio

Piemonte Agency
Senior technical consultant - Connected vehicles, safety and security

Graduated in Electrical Engineering - Industrial Automation in 1980. After an experience as a software system engineer, he joined the FIAT Research Centre in 1982 to develop application for industrial automation and robotics. From 1990 he started to follow the development of driving assistance systems (anti-collision radar, lane keeping camera, overtaking sensor). As executive manager in 1995 he followed the development teams of on-board information systems, driver assistance, telematics and vehicle-driver interface. Coordinator of European funded research projects. Between 2003 and 2006 he managed the participation of FIAT Group to the Torino Wireless regional project. In 2012 he was appointed Safety Director at ACEA, the European association of vehicle manufacturers, in Brussels. Back in Fiat Chrysler Automotive in 2016, until November 2017. Senior technical consultant for Piemonte Agency since May 2018 for the Automotive project.