SEPTEMBER 16-17 2020

Gianpiero Einaudi , born in 1960 , graduated from the Turin Polytechnic - Italy in Electrical Engineering in 1984, his thesis on Simulation and Optimization of Electronic Control of Electric Motors.

Early in his career he was researcher at FIAT Research Center, dealing with Gasoline-Diesel and alternative fuel Engine development, Electronic control, Combustion Analysis and Control, Vehicle Dynamics and Performance.

Later he was involved in development programs on Turbocharging systems, Knocking analysis and Control , Innovative cranking strategies and since 2000 Hybrid/Electric research Programs for Fiat Automobiles (Passenger cars) and Iveco (Light&Medium Duty Vehicles).

In 2010 he joined Landi Renzo, world leader in the gas systems, where he coordinated an European Funded Innovation Project on Hybrid Electric Motorwheel Retrofit for passenger car and a program for New control strategies development for gas injection. In 2018 he joined Daca-I Powertrain Engineering where he is actually Technical Director.

Taking advantage of an +30 years experience in the automotive industry with several responsibilities ranging from base and applied research to innovation, from application methodologies to product development for domestic and foreign customers he is author of several publications and patents.




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