SEPTEMBER 16-17 2020

Mr. Riccardo Ferrario, aged 63 and is the general manager of Idra S.r.l and has full responsibility of the Idra S.r.l business worldwide.

Mr. Ferrario joined the Group in April 2009. He has over 34 years of experience in the light alloy foundry business and worked for global companies such as Teksid (Fiat Group metallurgical product division), EurAlcom Group and Meridian Technologies. Mr. Ferrario is a metallurgical engineer graduated from Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) in 1982 and possesses strong experience in foundry manufacturing process and business development. He was member of the board of High Pressure Die Casting Technology of AIM (Italian Metallurgical Association) He is the current President of AMAFOND (Italian Foundry Supplier Association) from July 23rd 2020, and is well known in the aluminum and magnesium foundry community worldwide.




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