SEPTEMBER 16-17 2020
Centro Ricerche FCA

Vittorio Ravello graduated in Electrical Engineering at Politecnico of Torino in 1991

since 1992 working for CRF with increasing expertise on electrified vehicles and related e-powertrain system. At the present in charge of the Green Vehicle topic in the FCA Global Product Development organisation (Advanced Technologies - Collaboration&Networks - Collaboration Projects)

covering also the following roles:

  • since April 2019 member of the FCA E-Mobility EMEA Team as “Technical Matter Expert”
  • since 2015 FCA EMEA Product Development Technical Fellow on EVs & HEVs and related e-components technology
  • since 2004 FCA representative for electrification topics in ACEA and EUCAR groups
  • since 2008 technical leader of the Italian delegation for ISO\TC22\SC37 (electrically propelled vehicles) standardisation activities

University related activities:

  • since 2003, external professor of Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Systems at the “Politecnico di Torino” in the Automotive Engineering Degree Course
  • since 2007, external professor at the IFP School (France) master in powertrain for the electrified powertrain components
  • published more than 30 international papers on alternative propulsion systems and electric drives



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